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doveStop the killings. Police forces are mobilizing for a war against citizens. Gangs in blue with badges, armed and dangerous, are becoming violent.
Always use your cell phone camera.


In an emergency, call your family,
friends, neighbors, church, and/or
the fire department but avoid
calling the police.  They might
get excited, confused or afraid
and shoot and kill somebody.

(And the officer dispatched may have already shot and killed an unarmed citizen,
so it is best not to play the odds.)

Our public “safcropped-aca4.jpegety” officials are sometimes dangerous, abrasive, angry, and trigger-happy. Many should be removed, some should be prosecuted and we need a top to bottom shake up:  firings, layoffs, and a few indictments. But multiple versions of the PDX city council have allowed the PDX Police Bureau to find themselves not guilty of any wrongdoing, even when multiple witnesses saw PDX officers commit murder and cold-blooded street executions.

meeting“Police violence comes at what Walidah Imarisha, echoing Angela Davis, calls “the intersections of intimate and social violence.” Police are not killing unarmed Black people because the thought occurs to them out of the blue. Behind these murders lie all sorts of institutional forms of violence. Likewise, poverty and gentrification do not form from thin air. They are the result of laws, regulations, contracts, red lines, predatory loans, and other systemic oppression made in the name of a society hiding behind a cloak of equality, freedom, and the American dream. They are the by-products and enforcement tools of white supremacy.”

Disturbing information about
what we know about what
we don’t know                       How many armed, unarmed, innocent and guilty citizens have been killed?

kelly-thomas-before-and-afterThese are excerpt’s from Reuben
Fischer-Baum’s article indicating
that the figure of “400” Americans
killed  by police each year, could
be off by one or two thousand
victims.  We may never know…

Police-Brutality-1“We have clear and convincing evidence that police departments across America have an unacceptable number of police officers who are angry, afraid, aggressive, racist, poorly-trained, too quick to pull the trigger and unaccountable for their behavior. They expect special treatment and get it. So why should they change?

And we have a “thin blue” line rule, which means that by virtue of being an officer, cops are expected not to report other cops when they break the law. This blue line, unfortunately, has become a superhighway. Not only do otherwise legitimate cops not report bad cops… but police chiefs, mayors, governors and grand juries are willing to cover up
illegal police behavior and refuse to insist that officers obey the law.
This destroys trust and costs lives.”

educsHow can we stop police from abusing their authority?

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