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History Speaks Volumes… Viva la revolution!

poem-truth-casino-inconvenient-truth2Some of us remember when America was doubling down on French losses in South Vietnam and the United States had become the newest occupier of that nation.

Real journalists, videograhers and photographers inspired an uprising in America and across the globe.

We shut down that war on the
Vietnamese and Cambodian people.

The carnage was disastrous:
more than 58 thousand American lives,
many of them forced into service…
and at least two to three million indigenous people.

Demilitarize Police Departments: Train Peacekeepers and Prosecute bad cops.

Demilitarize Police Departments: Train Peacekeepers and Prosecute bad cops.

People who stand up and speak out can and do make a difference.

Don’t buy the lies, lesser evil or trickle-down theories.

We have been too patient and waited too long.

“America is the first country…
that can actually have a bloodless revolution.”
~Malcolm X…/america…/

Unarmed citizens are being executed by sociopaths in blue for jaywalking, wearing a hoodie, running or driving away, stealing cigars, selling cigarettes, walking while black, refusing to provide ID, demonstrating against injustice, expressing grievances… or sometimes harmless unarmed citizens are in the wrong place at the wrong time and a trigger-happy thug with a badge guns them down
for looking suspicious or for no apparent reason at all.

Featured Image -- 35…. I don’t buy it.
We deserve better.
And we should continue to
take it to the streets until
we can safely occupy our communities
and live in peace.

We cannot rest until justice rolls down like water.
No justice, no peace, no fear, no compromise and no surrender.

We don’t have to take it anymore.

“The revolution
has always been
in the hands of the young.
The young always
inherit the revolution.”
~Huey Newton


“Revolution is about
the need to re-evolve
political, economic
and social justice
and power back into
the hands of the people,
preferably through legislation
and policies that make
human sense.

That’s what revolution is about.
Revolution is not about shootouts.”
~Bobby Seale


“No real social change
has ever been brought about
without a revolution…
revolution is but thought
carried into action.”
~Emma Goldman

“A revolution
is not a bed of roses. castro
A revolution
is a struggle
between the future
and the past.”

― Fidel Castro


“A revolution is coming
– a revolution which will be peaceful
if we are wise enough;
compassionate if we care enough;
successful if we are fortunate enough

– but a revolution which is coming
whether we will it or not.
We can affect its character;
we cannot alter its inevitability.”
― Robert F. Kennedy
is the first country…
that can actually
have a bloodless

~Malcolm X

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